One of the most common calls we receive from Clients is in response to a Virus, or Trojan Infection.  We find that clients will delay for lengthy periods of time before they take action - the trouble is that once a machine has been compromised you really have no idea what (or who) has access to your data.  It usually starts with Pop-ups, the computer becoming unresponsive / extremely slow, and many times the computers web browser is taken over not allowing you to visit certain or any websites.

In general we have not seen any malicious infections in quite some time - that is infections that damage, delete or corrupt your files. This is a very good thing, finding all of your family photos deleted one day would be a nightmare.  Typically the virus is commonly a nuisance, hindering us from using our computer the way it should - some of it's tactics can try to persuade you into buying a "quick fix" which would remove the infection. Here, you are sending money (your credit card and other information) to the people who just infected you.

If your Machine has become infected...
  • Call 203-517-0955 to schedule a pickup
  • Let us know if this is a rush job or not, and if you require a loaner so you can continue to work while your machine is being repaired.
  • We typically have a 24 hour - 48 hour turn around time.  You will receive the machine back in optimal health, and in most cases the machine will be in better health that it's been in for years.