Over the years we've had many clients come to us and ask us for a Wireless Internet Solution for the Home or Business which provides superior wifi coverage, and at a fair price.  We often hear the same problems - "I dont' get reliable internet in my kitchen, or bedroom", "I've spent countless hours and money buying gizmos to boost my internet, and nothing seems to work well".  This is exactly where we can help.  Only recently built homes have had the proper wiring installed to accomplish a reliable wireless system, our job is to bring your home up to speed.

For 6 years now we have offered exactly that. Each House or Business Office is very different so our first step is to visit and analyze the structure of the building, along with asking the client where Internet is most needed.  Typical places would be a home's kitchen, pool area, Office, and bedrooms.

We've installed our systems in small homes, on up to 10,000+ ft. private homes in Westport and New Canaan, and in local businesses in Darien and Greenwich Connecticut.

  • Roaming Internet Access, Internet everywhere you want it
  • Proper Security Implementation, easy for the home user to use, but we make it hard for a trespasser to break in
  • Easy Expansion, if you need more coverage it can be done anytime
  • We help you avoid Wireless Repeaters & other gizmos which will only give you headaches.
  • All of our work includes a 1 Year Warranty - We love happy customers


Call Eric at 203-448-0587 to make an appointment.